Here Are The Reasons Behind A Dog’s Loyalty

Loyalty is a great trait for dogs to have!

The questions that even baffle both dog lovers and owners: why exactly are dogs more loyal than any other animal? Are dogs truly loyal creatures because of the years spent on breeding them, cultivating their individual personalities attributed to thousands of years of companionship with us humans? While it may seem cliche to consider only dogs as exceptionally loyal animals especially to people, but many living examples such as Japan’s Hachiko have proven the notion to be true. The relationship between dogs and humans is one exceptionally fascinating one, yet it contains a rich history of friendship forged between man and canine. So what are the factors that cultivate a dog’s iconic loyalty and bond?

  1. Dogs are pack animals.

Dogs naturally seek alliances with other dogs, people as well as from other animals. Pre-domesticated dogs and their wolf ancestors depended on the pack mentality for survival – which is the key to developing social skills and a desire to establish strong relationships. In modernity, dogs still yearn for friendship, which makes them perfect companions for many people who seek the same.

2. Our history with dogs is a long one.

Anthropological research shows that both dogs and humans have lived together for thousands of years, in which the domestication of dogs occurred before the development of agriculture – around 9000 BC! For centuries, both dogs and humans shared resources and hunted together, eventually developing complementary lifestyles. Thousands of years of human interaction educated dogs on how to specifically read our body language, facial expressions and even daily habits. The ability forms empathy, and even a likeness in mutual feelings humans can feel for dogs in return.

3. A dog-and-human relationship is truly a win-win.

A dog-human relationship is unique because it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Dogs and humans depend on one another for companionship and affection. In stark contrast to typical animal-human dynamics where animals are used primarily for food or work, but receive little to no affection in return. With dogs, a reciprocal relationship is formed – if we are sensitive to their feelings and overall well-being, dogs would do the same too!

Watch a Husky showcase its loyalty in the tear-jerking video below!

These three reasons prove that dogs are truly, man’s best friend!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!