This Puppy Was Banned From PetSmart Party Because She’s A Pit Bull

In a day and age where race is a hot topic we all should have learned something about discrimination.  Discrimination in the dog-society is happening even in 2018.  What in the world can we do about this?

Blu, the cutest little 9-week-old Pit Bull was just turned away at a PetSmart just because of her breed:

Blu’s mom, Ashley, used twitter to make this public:  that she had brought her puppy to PetSmart’s Barkarita Fiesta to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and was turned away at the door!

Pit Bull owners and people who understand that all creatures should not be judged solely on the breed of dog, saw Ashley’s post and responded with support and pics of their Pitties.


“Every time she sees a dog she tries to play, but the other dogs either don’t feel like it or just ignore her so we were so excited to take her to the class.”

PetSmart reached out to Ashley and whether it was to avoid bad press or from as an honest attempt to make up for her experience they sent this:

They sent this:

This is a subject that should have been brought up a lot sooner.

“I’m so shocked, but so happy that Pit Bull awareness is being brought to our attention. Pit Bulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle.”

A former employee tweeted Ashely when he heard about what happened to Blu:

We went straight to PetSmart and here’s what they had to say:

“If a dog has slightly pit bull-y cheeks, can they come? Or how about if a dog has one drop of Staffordshire terrier blood in her? And in that case, given how bad people are at visually identifying dogs’ breeds, how would you know?”

And after this we know where Ashley stands!

“Petco lets Pitbulls socialize with other breeds so that’s where I’ll be taking her now.”

Petco sent a card to Ashley and Blu, when they heard:

“Hi Ashley and Blu,

We were so sorry to see that you weren’t able to attend your event this past weekend. At Petco, we love all dog breeds! We hope you enjoy this gift card and get lots of goodies at your local Petco! Thanks so much for your support and never let anyone exclude you… you deserve so much more than that! XOXO The Petco Social Team”

Petco won Ashley over for sure!  Petco stepped it up!

How do you feel about PetSmart’s “bully breed” policy?


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